About Hospitality Site

Hospitality Site was founded to provide affordable and scalable web solutions for restaurants, cafes and hotels. Our goal is to grow with you, offering our comprehensive marketing services for your restaurant on a simple monthly subscription basis.

About me

Hi, I am Moritz.
I am the face behind Hospitality Site. Originally from Germany, I moved to Glasgow over 3 years ago, starting to work as a freelancer for agencies and businesses in and around Glasgow. With a foundation in digital marketing, my journey has led me to cultivate a profound passion for web development and IT solutions.
With over four years of experience crafting bespoke web solutions, I find immense joy in my work. My approach involves collaborating with talented graphic designers, photographers, and social media managers to create seamless and impactful digital experiences. I'm dedicated to bringing innovation and excellence to the intersection of hospitality and technology.

The Challenge

In hospitality businesses often have to operate within small profit margins and I found that especially small cafes and restaurants often do not have their own websites.
I figured out that a bespoke web development as I have previously offered is simply not affordable for those businesses. Going yourself on a builder such as Squarespace & Wix can often be challenging and as a non-technical person, you don't really know what you are doing. You can and probably will make it work, but the sites are often static and not maintained properly.

The idea

The idea is to create a tailored framework that offers scalable website solutions for restaurants and cafes through a subscription-based model.
Begin with the 'Starter' plan and seamlessly expand your business as needed. To get started, simply complete a brief form providing details about your business, and menu(s), and upload relevant image files. Once you've submitted your brief, your website will be up and running within 5 working days. Additionally, you have the option to personalise your site by selecting fonts and colours. A comprehensive video tutorial will be provided to guide you through the Content Management System (CMS), enabling you to independently update information such as menus, opening hours, and social media links.



Transparency is a core principle in my approach to work. I am committed to providing clients with clear insight into the value of my contributions, allowing them a fair opportunity to assess the quality of my work. I am readily available to address any questions, fostering open communication and laying the groundwork for a strong and trusting partnership.


Throughout my time as a freelancer, collaboration with other professionals has been an integral part of my work. I highly value other professional’s expertise and time and therefore I aim to provide services to the highest standards of quality to my partners and clients. Upholding professionalism is a key principle for me—ensuring that every interaction and service reflects the dedication, respect, and commitment that defines true professional collaboration.


Efficiency is a cornerstone in our work, touching every aspect of what we do. In building websites, I prioritise efficient code for swift loading, design efficiency to convey messages accurately and copy efficiency to communicate the intended message.
The overarching goal is to create a quick and user-friendly solution for clients, enabling them to promote their businesses most effectively and efficiently.
Efficiency, to me, is not just a buzzword—it's a commitment woven into the fabric of every project, ensuring that the result not only meets but exceeds expectations in speed, communication, and usability.


I run all websites according to the latest technical standards, incorporating the most up-to-date best practices, and top-notch SEO standards, and ensuring lightning-fast loading speeds. When it comes to assessing a product or service, quality always takes the top spot for me. I believe in delivering excellence in every aspect of web development, ensuring your site not only meets but exceeds the highest standards in the digital landscape.