Website Case Study - Cafe India

After the success of the Rabbani's website we were given the job of designing Cafe India's website. Cafe India is Rabbani's sister restaurant and is located in Watford.

Cafe India's website

Website Design

The brief of the website was to make a website based on the design of the restaurant's takeway leaflet and to provide easy navigation to view the restaurant's menu.

The website features photos of the restaurant, food and staff taken by Restaurant Webdesign.

Internet Marketing

After the website was complete we started an SEO Campaign to improve the internet marketing of the website.

The SEO Campaign was designed to specifically improve the rankings for Cafe India's website on for keyphrases such as 'Indian restaurant in Watford'.

We have only just started the SEO Campaign for Cafe India but we are hopeful of achieving first page results on Google in the upcoming weeks. Come back to here soon to see how we are getting on.

Visit Cafe India's restaurant website