Website Case Study - Bilash Tandoori

Bilash Tandoori is a ficticious Indian restaurant which has been setup as an example to demonstrate our 'Basic Restaurant Website' package.

Our 'Basic Restaurant Website' package features 5 pages. The Bilash Tandoori website has a homepage, Main Menu, Wine List a location page and a contact page.

Bilash Tandoori's website

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Website Design

The website is search engine friendly and compatible with mobile phones such as the iPhone.

The Bilash Tandoori website features an animated header which cycles through photographs of the restaurants delicious looking food. The animated header is disabled for the display on mobile phones to save on download costs/time for visitors to the site and instead displays as a static image.

The homepage displays the opening hours of the restaurant, the address and phone number of the restaurant. These have been given prime position on the website so they can be easily found by potential customers.

The menu and drinks menu are available to view online and can be viewed as a downloadable PDF file. Items on the menu are clearly labelled with icons symbolising if a dish is a hot dish.

The location page features an integrated Google Map which contains an address label pointing to the position of the restaurant.

Visit Bilash Tandoori's website